Technical database: click before screwing!

The data from HaynesPro offer significant advantages for every car workshop. They include the unique VESA system, which enables easier fault diagnosis, and the smart data, which reduces the time required to resolve known technical problems. Together with the intelligent links on the Autel MaxiSys tools MS906TS - MS908S Pro - Elite, the data is integrated into a clear structure.
Smart has two main features: on the one hand, it contains manufacturer-based technical service bulletins with symptoms, causes and solutions, supplemented by error codes, their analysis and solution details - on the other hand, Smart contains an ingenious collection of well-known tips and tricks for unusual errors.



This smart information extends our manufacturer-based technical data with important tips and tricks from renowned help desk organizations and industry experts. SmartCASE ™ is a unique knowledge database with verified tips and tricks for vehicles in the European market. It helps independent workshops to find solutions to unusual problems and thereby save time and money. As with all HaynesPro products, Smart offers clearly formulated and suitable solutions that enable every mechanic to work with the data.

The electronics data from HaynesPro have always been an essential aid for workshops. They also provide important information for the electronic systems and new technologies in modern vehicles. The focus of WorkshopData Electronics is the exclusive diagnostic assistant VESA (Vehicle Electronics Smart Assistant).

Fuses and relays



With this information, fuses and relays can be easily identified. Fuse boxes can be installed in different places in a vehicle so that they are not easy to find. Our data reduce the search effort.



The identification of a vehicle is the crucial first step to find relevant information or components. Locating the nameplate should therefore not be time-consuming. Tech has an overview as standard that shows the mechanic the exact position of the nameplate on the vehicle.

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a serial number that is used to uniquely identify vehicles. HaynesPro Tech has a VIN decoder that allows the workshop to select the vehicle quickly and precisely using the VIN. It also contains additional information about the engine, transmission and equipment code. Depending on the country, it may also be possible to search for license plates. Our vehicle selection based on a three-stage identification according to manufacturer, model and type can be customized with vehicle colors and is available as a separate data set.



The HaynesPro maintenance data is clear, comprehensive and helpful. All maintenance plans are broken down by intervals and by vehicle area (engine, steering, etc.). If necessary, there are links to technical component drawings with installation locations. Various instructions (disconnecting / reconnecting batteries, programming ignition keys and resetting maintenance indicators and tire pressure monitoring systems) can also be called up directly from the maintenance schedule. Additional work that is due for a certain mileage or time is displayed and completes the maintenance schedule. All maintenance work (standard and additional) has the corresponding working time and is calculated as a total time. A unique function is the availability of logical follow-up work, which

facilitate the creation of a complete workflow. An overview of the most important service intervals gives a quick overview of any upcoming tasks.

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